Window Well Covers

bronze powder coatedgrate

Bronze Powder-Coated Grate

grate flatcover

Grate with Lexan Flat Cover

Types of Covers:

Safety Grates - The safety grate is made of rolled angle iron steel and steel safety bars. It is designed to keep people and pets out of the Easy-Well and hold the weight of standard foot traffic.

Lexan Flat Cover – The plastic grate cover is made of a polycarbonate plastic and is designed to be used along with the safety grate. It is used to keep debris, animals, and excess water out of the Easy-Well.

Window Well Covers

Lexan Cover

Safety Grate

How To Measure for Well Covers

Cover DirectionsA. Take the measurement of the foundation from end to end of the well.

B. Then measure from the foundation to the end of the well.

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